Nursing Services

Nursing Services

Our practice nurse offers a whole range of small medical procedures including Blood Testing, Ear Syringing, Vitamin Injections and much more.

aka. the very minor medical issues

Nursing Service

Our practice nurse provides an extensive range of medical care services as well as assisting our GP with Minor Surgery. Find out everything you need to know below.

What are Nursing Services?

Nursing services are in high demand in the UK, with most NHS nurses occupied with medical emergencies and other duites in and around the practice. 

Nurses in the UK are highly qualified not only to assist doctors and surgeries, but also to perform their own medical care services. These can include everything from wound dressing, blood taking and ear syringing. However, most nurses go on to qualify in various other services – most of which will include needle based services – this is simply because UK nurses are renowned for their training in injections and the taking of blood.

Services available include:

  • Blood Testing
  • Ear Syringing
  • Wound Dressing
  • Vitamin Injections
  • IV Drips
  • iPRF 

Why you need Nursing Services?

There are a lot of medical services and procedures that do not need to be performed by a doctor – they can actually be carried out by a qualified practice nurse.

With the extended backlog in the NHS for wellness and “cosmetic” based procedures, it is important that patients have direct acces to the services that they feel are important to their health and wellbeing. We believe that our patients know their bodies and health better than anyone, and if something does not feel quite right we want you to be able to access the services you need in a timely fashion.

No more waiting lists, or delays in simple investigations or procedures.

How Nursing Services works?

All procedures and appointments are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced practice nurse, within our medically graded, CQC regulated room.

Booking could not be easier either. You can book your appointment either by booking online or calling the Front of House team to arrange your appointment. You will be sent all your forms electronically to fill out prior to your appointment.

When you arrive at the clinic you will be directed to our waiting room upstairs to relax in before your appointment.

Some services have individual charges payable after your appointment, for example the appointment for Blood Testing is a standard £20, however whatever blood test you are having will be charged additionally after your appointment (see below).

Nursing Specialists at b2 Chalfont Clinic

Aliyah Khan
Nurse Services

Nursing Service Pricing

Nursing Service Pricing

IV Nutrition Drips


An amazing treatment to help flood your body with healthy nourishment directly via the vein. It contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes, depending on your health needs. IV drips by-pass the digestive system therefore they work much faster and more effectively than taking oral supplements. Nutrition via drip therapy is 100% absorbed into the body compared to only 10% if taken as oral supplements. It is recommended to have a blood test first to determine your baseline checks. This is also offered in the clinic for a complete treatment and will help monitor your progress. You will have a consultation to check for suitability and plan the best available treatment. A nutrition cocktail will be made and delivered directly into the body via a vein. You can sit and relax while the IV drip is administered.

Vitamin Injections

A variety of vitamin injections are available to help increase health and wellbeing. These are not to treat underlying health conditions but to improve energy and a sense of balance. The vitamin injections are administered directly into the muscle either in the arm or the glute. Available vitamin injections include vitamin D, B12, vitamin C and B-Complex. Many studies have shown the positive effects of nutrition on sleep, metabolism, energy, mood and general health.

Vitamin D


Vitamin B12


Vitamin C


Vitamin B-Complex


Blood Tests (Phlebotomy)

Offered as part of wellness checks (not to diagnose illnesses) for both men and women and check nutrition levels to help determine best treatment for IV drip therapy and monitor their efficacy. These are taken as either finger-prick samples or blood from the vein depending on what we are testing. All samples are couriered to the lab for testing.



Specific Tests

Baseline Health






Female Hormones


Male Hormones


Nutricheck (Vitamin Deficiency)










Liver Function Test


Omega 3 & 6


Vitamin B12


Vitamin D Levels


iPRF (injectable platelet rich fibrin)

from £200

This is the latest cutting-edge science in skin and hair rejuvenation and the next generation of PRP treatment. It is 100% natural so no risk of allergy and uses your own activated blood plasma to regenerate skin and hair. It is widely used in the treatment of lightening scars and burn marks. During treatment a sample of your blood is taken and spun in a centrifuge machine to activate, separate and concentrate the plasma, which contains platelets, stem cells and fibrin. This is then gently injected/ micro-needled into the area that needs treating. It is not an aggressive treatment and results are long-lasting. We recommend having a course of treatment for best outcome. This will be discussed during consultation.

Ear Wax Removal

from £65

To help dislodge and remove ear wax build-up through ear irrigation. An ear check will be done beforehand to check suitability after which you will be booked for ear wax removal two weeks later. This gives enough time for the use of olive oil (available at any pharmacy) to soften the ear wax before removal. During treatment water will be passed through the ear to flush out any excess wax blocking the ear drum.

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