Private GP Services

Private GP Services

All the professional services that you expect from a GP Clinic. Aka medical, at its best.

In our General practice, we provide person centred health care to individuals and families in our community.

What is Private GP Services?

General Practice (GP) has become increasingly more difficult for patients to access. Our private GP Service at b2 Chalfont Clinic provides our patients and community with everything you have come to expect from your GP. We want, along with our Chiropractors and Osteopaths to be your first-contact practitioner for all your medical and musculoskeletal conditions.

Our GP’s treat all common medical conditions for patients of all ages, as well as being able to provide referrals to secondary practitioners, prescriptions, and further investigations – such as MRI’s, blood tests, and much more.

Why you need Private GP Services Treatments?

We view the ability to provide privatised GP Services, to our local community, as a huge privilege. There are numerous reasons why patients would choose to see a private GP, however the main reasons revolve around NHS waiting times, an increased appointment time, and an in-person face to face appointment.

The clinic recognised a long time ago, how important, and valuable preventative healthcare is to our patients. Early diagnosis and investigations can make all the difference towards your quality of life. Our GP consultations provide patients with time and options, which gives us the potential to detect problems that may cause issues in the future.

How Private GP Services Treatment works?

All our appointments with our GP’s are conducted in our CQC Regulated treatment room, by one of our GP’s who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in treating all patients.

Appointments can be arranged by either calling the clinic or booking online, and for each appointment we allow up to 30-minutes. If you are wanting a virtual appointment as you are unable to visit the clinic, then we offer video appointments too.

General Practice Specialists at b2 Chalfont Clinic

General Practitioner

Private GP Services Price List

Gp Consultation



Gp Consultation

GP Blood Tests


Andropause Profile


Biochemistry Profile+


Blood Group


Calcium Test


Cardiovascular Risk


Chickenpox Immunity


C-Reactive Protine


Free Testosterone


Gamma GT


General Well Person


Glandular fever




Hepatitis A Immunity


Hepatitis B Immunity


HIV Antibodies




Lipid Profile


Liver Test Function




Menopause Profile










Rubella Immunity


Senior Female 60+


Senior Male 60+


Urea & Electrolytes


Vitamin D & Folate


Vitamin D


Well Man Screen

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