About Us

A fantastic team of caring professionals

The team has been growing since 2012, when Ben & Rachel first joined forces to create the clinic. We now have a group of incredible people that work every day to make our patients’ experience the best it can be.

Meet the Team

We have a selection of excellent practitioners, attentive receptionists and an imaginative digital marketer. Find out more about them all below.

Dr. Ben Boulter

Principal Chiropractor

Dr. Rachel Thorogood

Principal Chiropractor

Renata Good

Associate Osteopath

Dr. Bethan Bull

Associate Chiropractor

Mel Gizzy

Sports Massage Therapist

Alexandra Williams

Sports Massage Therapist

James Collins

Sports Massage Therapist

Claire Buttivant

Sports Massage Therapist

Kate Adams

Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist

Lennox McCurdy

Sports Massage Therapist

Dr. Amar Lally

Minor Surgery & Aesthetics

Caroline Hepburn

Speech & Language Therapist

Louise Lonergan

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Aliyah Khan

Nurse Services


Foot Health Practitioner

Front of house team

Alison Meads

Practice Manager


Musicals | Dog | History

Aly Bartram



Film | Travel | Wine

Lesley Fegan



Dancing | Horses | Baking

AnneMarie Sadleir



Photography | Dogs | Hockey

Lewis Brown

Digital Marketing Consultant



A one-stop clinic for all healthcare needs

The overall aim of the clinic is to provide our community with all aspects of healthcare under one roof. It will hopefully one day include private imaging facilities, private GP and even the ability to perform minor surgery.



A well trusted, complimentary clinic to the NHS

The NHS is a fantastic system, that is completely overstretched with patients that are seeking the wrong type of care. We want to bring an awareness and understanding to patients to help them find the most appropriate “first contact” practitioner and treatment for them.