Book an Appointment

How to book

If you are visiting the clinic for the first time or having a different type of treatment (i.e. you usually see a Sports Massage Therapist, but want to see our Minor Surgery Dr.) then you will need to book an INITIAL or NEW PATIENT appointment.
If you’ve already seen the practitioner you’re booking in with before, then you’ll need to book a FOLLOW UP appointment.
Minor Surgery
All patients will need to book in for an Initial Consultation, so that the Dr. can assess the issue and talk you though the options before surgery can take place.
All new patients will need to book a Patch Test, before you can be treated. The Patch test can be posted to your home address though, so when booking your patch test online please be aware you ARE NOT booking the time slot to visit the clinic. You are telling us that you would like a Patch Test sent to your home.
Then make sure you had your home address in the “Notes” section when booking.
Discount Codes & Offer
When booking please enter your discount code in to the “Notes” section of your booking.
If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get hold of the Front of House Team on 01753 893383.