b2 Chalfont Clinic Gerrards Cross

About Our Gerrards Cross Clinic

The b2 Gerrards Cross clinic is a satellite clinic of our flagship, b2 Chalfont Clinic. Located just off of Gerrards Cross high street, our expert team are available to help the surrounding community improve their health and wellbeing through evidence lead treatments. We have a single room within The Memorial Centre, which is on the ground floor and is easily accessible.

Treatments and Services Available

All our treatments are provided by our trusted and handpicked team of practitioners:
Chiropractic & Osteopathy

Hands-on, safe manipulation of the spine and other joints.

aka. "the cracking stuff"

Sports Massage

Manual treatment of the soft tissues using different techniques and pressures.

aka. "the rubbing bit"

Visiting Our Gerrards Cross Clinic

b2 Gerrards Cross is located in the GXCA. You can find our treatment rooms in the left hand side of the building (opposite the entrance to the gym). As you head through the double-door foyer, you’ll see a check-in computer on your right. Once you have checked in, please you can head to the cafe seating area and your practitioner will collect you when they are ready.

There’s plenty of onsite parking available, a hand car wash onsite, and we’re only a 10 minute walk away from Gerrards Cross station.

b2 Gerrards Cross Clinic,
8 East Common,
Gerrards Cross,

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