Variety is what makes life interesting. If you enter a coffee shop, you are presented with an array of different options; a skinny latte, tea, hot chocolate, mochachino, frappe, which do you prefer?

At b2 Clinics, we have a similar variety, not that we serve coffee, but we have a number of different practitioners, so how do you choose which practitioner is right for you?

So if your looking for a manipulator (Osteopath or Chiro), let’s starts with the basics. All of our practitioners have a four year BSC degree, and are registered and regulated by their governing bodies (GCC and the GOSC). They all I covered with public liability insurance (not that we like to use it, but it’s there to give us all reassurance). Our unique b2 mentorship programme ensures cross clinic continuity, so the whether you see a chiropractor, or an osteo the b2 blend underpins all our treatments.

I would liken Ben to an espresso shot ; straight to the point, and a boost that gets you going.

Rachel is more akin to an Americano (an espresso, but diluted down with hot water) – a strong shot with a warmth injection. More palatable for youngsters too!

Renata is more of a latte, caffeinated but slightly milky, and takes a little longer to consume but has the desired effect and leaves a warm glow.

Mitul provides the strength of a coffee shot, with a caramel infusion, and a sweet aftertaste.

So whilst your coffee needs might change according to need, demand or necessity rest assured, the underlying b2 blend remains consistent.

Renata qualified as an Osteopath from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001 (now the University College of Osteopathy).
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