Keeping Up with The Kids: The Power of Regular Sports Massages for an Active Lifestyle


Sports massage is a great technique that is forever increasing in popularity for those that are active, but today I am here to explain why it can help parents like myself. Before I continue, we need to make it clear that despite the name, you don’t have to play sports to benefit from Sports Massage. The aim of the game is performance optimisation, which can mean optimisation for a better performance for whatever you’re required to do daily.

Sports massage can help both physically and mentally and can even improve the quality of life for those who have busy lifestyles. For myself, and many working parents who visit me in the clinic, a common reason for coming in for sports massage therapy is to help them keep up with their active children! And while this is a great reason, there are so many other benefits to sports massage therapy!

People lying in the grass experiencing lower stress levels

Sports massage has been proven to reduce stress levels.

That’s right, it works by releasing endorphins into the body, which act as natural painkillers and create feelings of relaxation. This is particularly beneficial for parents who may be feeling overwhelmed due to their hectic lifestyle juggling work commitments alongside caring for their children’s needs day-to-day; it helps them find some much-needed time out from all these responsibilities, so they are able to relax more effectively when they do get free time away from their duties at home or work. Additionally, regular sessions could also help alleviate any depression associated with parenting duties, such as postnatal depression, which affects many mothers after childbirth.

Sports Massage Therapy Session For Healing

Healing hands to aid your physical well-being.

Sports Massages are known to aid physical well-being by helping improve posture through stretching muscles that may have become tight over long periods, this is a common complaint from new parents who spend more time sitting down looking after their child. The improved flexibility achieved through this type of treatment allows you greater mobility when playing games or engaging in other activities together; it also increases blood circulation throughout the body leading to better energy levels overall too. Furthermore, if you suffer an injury during sport, having professional treatment enhances recovery times due to significantly increased lymphatic flow, which inevitably promotes better fluid dynamics throughout the body.

It’s time to get active and stay active!

Another benefit to having regular Sports Massage are that it allows you to be more physically active in general. It’s being physically active that provides numerous health benefits for parents, such as improved cardiovascular fitness, weight control and a stronger immune system which can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as Diabetes later in life. This means you will be able to look after your children the best way possible if you’re healthy and mobile.

It’s about making memories and enjoying physical activities with the family.

Furthermore, engaging in physical activities together allows families to spend quality time together, bonding over shared experiences that strengthen relationships between all members involved – something we could all use more of these days, right? Whether it’s playing catch outside on a sunny day or going on bike rides around town after dinner each night, these simple activities have been known to bring people closer together emotionally, making everyone feel better about themselves & those around them simultaneously!

To sum it up, being physically active has many positive effects not just on us but also on our families too! From improving overall health & wellness levels, increasing patience levels when dealing with difficult situations involving children, plus creating strong bonds through shared experiences – it’s clear why incorporating some sort of physical activity into your daily routine should become priority number one if you really want your family unit functioning optimally now & long term.

Here are my top five tips on getting active and staying active to keep up with the kids:

1) Set realistic goals:

Setting realistic fitness goals will ensure that you don’t overwork yourself and become overwhelmed by the process of staying fit. Start small with just ten minutes of exercise a day or three days per week, then gradually increase as needed to reach your desired activity level.

2) Find an activity that works for you:

Not everyone likes running on treadmills or lifting weights at the gym – so find something else! Whether it’s swimming laps in a pool, taking up yoga classes online, or joining an outdoor sports league with friends or family members – there are plenty of activities out there that can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences while still providing great health benefits.

3) Make time for rest days:

It’s important not to push too hard when exercising; make sure to take regular breaks from physical activity throughout each week so muscles have time to recover properly before being worked again.

4) Have Fun with Your Workout Routine:

Nobody likes boring workouts – so try to mix things up to stay engaged. Try different activities like Yoga, dancing or even Martial Arts classes- this way, you’ll find something you enjoy while still achieving your fitness goals.

5) Take breaks throughout the Day:

It’s important not only from a physical perspective but emotionally too – Taking regular breaks throughout the day allows us both mentally reset ourselves while also giving our bodies a chance to move around a bit more, whether it is stretching our legs or just having a quick walk outside work the environment.

Whether you’re a busy parent striving to keep up with your energetic kids or someone seeking to enhance your quality of life, sports massage may hold the key to unlocking a healthier and more balanced you.

Now, the question arises: Are you ready to take that step towards a more fulfilling and active lifestyle? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts, led by the knowledgeable Lenny. Whether you’re seeking to improve your overall well-being, rehabilitate from a sports injury, or simply learn more about the possibilities that sports massage offers, we’re here to help.

Head to our online booking system to book your appointment, and let’s start your journey to a healthier and happier you.

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